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March 5, 2023

Nashville Recording Artist & Central PA's own Patrick Cole to appear at BAPS Speedway on Sat., March 26th:

Nashville Recording Artist Patrick Cole will appear and perform the National Anthem at the March Sprint Madness event at BAPS Speedway in York Haven PA on Sat. March 26th. Come out for a Meet and Greet with Patrick. For more info on the BAPS Sprint Car event, visit

February 24, 2023

See Patrick's new Electronic Press Kit at

February 7, 2023 

The new COLE CD 'Freedom' is now available to purchase on CD at   If you join the Cole Miners Fan Club on the sign up box on the Home page, you will get a Discount Code for 20% off the purchase of a CD.  Make sure to select CD on the Bandcamp website.

January 21, 2023

The press release for the release of the new album 'Freedom' has gone out to hundreds of news and entertainment media sites. See the press release here

January 18, 2023

The new music video is officially released for the song "Give Me You" at  Cole Miner Fan Club members already got a pre-release view of the video last month. If you'd like to join the Cole Miners Fan Club and get the latest Patrick Cole news, songs, videos, merchandise, prizes, and more before everyone else gets it, just join the free Cole Miners Fan Club in the sign up box on the home page of this website.

December 16, 2022

The Band Cole, featuring Patrick Cole, releases remastered version of new album titled 'Freedom. Listen to the new album 'Freedom' at

November 23, 2022

Patrick Cole sings the National Anthem at the Elmira Mammoth hockey game. See the video here

November 6, 2022

Patrick met with a Hollywood director, who just recently won a Best Documentary Film award at the Los Angeles Film Festival, about producing a new music video for Patrick in 2023. Stay tuned.....

October 11, 2022

Patrick Cole's music video for his song 'Freedom' has gone viral on Youtube and now has over 10,000 views. See the video at 

September 20,2022

Nashville Recording Artist Patrick Cole is in discussions for an upcoming regional tour

August 17, 2022

Nashville Recording Artist Patrick Cole has been meeting with Nashville music industry executives this week to formalize recording, performance, and promotional strategies. Stay tuned for more news.

July 22, 2022

Nashville Recording Artist Patrick Cole's new album "Freedom" is getting airplay in U.S. and European markets and a promotional campaign is under way. Help support Cole by requesting his songs on your local country radio.

June 23, 2022

Nashville Recording Artist Patrick Cole has released his first full-length country album titled 'Freedom'. After winning numerous vocal competitions across the U.S., Cole has partnered with Nashville Studios to produce 10 new songs, with his jawdropping Ronnie Dunn-style vocals in the forefront. Cole is already creating a buzz with with his first single release, 'Freedom', an uplifting anthem of love for his country.

It's been a long road from small-town Mansfield Pennsylvania to Nashville for Patrick Cole. In fact, one could write a country song about it. By day, he's worked as a stone mason and, by night, he's been singing his songs wherever there's a stage that will let him. Laying bricks in the bitter cold and scorching sun gives a man a lot of time to think, or in Patrick's case, write songs, and after suffering a back injury in a construction accident, Cole decided to pursue his singing career with new vigor.

On the new album, Cole explores themes of love and loss with the uptempo 'My World', 'Baby Come On' and 'Uncharted Ground', with the sublime ballads 'Vegas Sky' and 'Give Me You', and with the mid-tempo 'Show Me The Way'. He shows his country rocker side on the blazing 'Blame It On The Whiskey', and shows his classic country side with 'Keepin On' and 'Wishbone'.

See the video for the song "Freedom" at

Listen to the new album Freedom at

"Extraordinary Vocalist"

"One of the Best Up and Coming Country Artists"

"Amazingly Talented"

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